Sherry : October 24th, 2011

Date:Monday 24th of Oct, 2011 7:00 PM
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Location: The Wilson & Wilson
501 Jones St San Francisco, CA 94102
Description:Sherry is wide category of fortified wine that’s due for a big comeback. Already bartenders have adopted it as favorite mixing ingredient in cocktails, and wine connoisseurs are giving it renewed attention.

Delicious as it is, sherry is no simple sipper: There are two sweet (Pedro Ximenez, muscatel) and five dry styles of sherry (fino, manzanilla, palo cortado, amontillado, oloroso); plus the dry sherries can be sweetened to create pale cream, medium, and cream styles. All are aged and blended in the famous solera system (in two very different ways) that gives sherry its unique flavor characteristics. Don’t worry, you’ll understand it all by the end of the class.

Instructor: Camper English

Camper English is a cocktail and spirits writer and educator who contributes to the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Fine Cooking Magazine, and many other publications. He travels the world visiting distilleries, blending houses, and bodegas and shares it on his website He has visited bodegas in each of the three major sherry producing cities in Spain and written numerous articles on the topic.

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