Forbidden Island presents Tiki Cocktails: July 18th

Date:Monday 18th of Jul, 2011 7:00 PM
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Location: The Wilson & Wilson
501 Jones St San Francisco, CA 94102
Description:Rumbellion, Rumbustion, and Flaming Cocktails - a Concise Rum Soaked History of Tiki presented by the lovely ladies of Forbidden Island.

A rum rebellion is going on right now in the modern cocktail world. This rebellion was born in today’s Tiki bars and coincides with a recognition that mid-century tropical drinks, many of them based on rum, constitute a rich and recently re-tapped vein of American mixology. Since its introduction in the mid 17th century rum has continually been reinvented; and today through the alchemy of cocktail culture it has reached its rightful place as a spirit to be celebrated and savored.

Here in the heart of classic tiki history - just mere blocks from the Original San Francisco Trader Vic’s - we will drink to the health of the founders of classic tiki: Vic Bergeron and Donn Beach, and be regaled with with rum soaked stories of tiki yesteryear. Learn about a unique American phenomenon that spanned decades of backyard luaus and taste original tropical concoctions that will surprise your taste buds and deliver you to a far away tropical paradise.

The modern Tiki bar is an exciting place to drink. It bridges the past and future of cocktail history by drawing on the classics as inspiration for new and unique drink experiences. It celebrates that which is freshly squeezed, keeps obscure liqueurs in the well, honors what is local, organic and small batched all for your sipping pleasure. There is no pretense in the modern Tiki bar, only the spirit of Aloha and Ohana. We want you to be able to create that spirt at home.

In this hands-on class each participant will:

Learn what Rum is and why it is being called the true “spirit” of the Americas;
Practice techniques for sipping and appreciating Rum;
Explore the Polynesian Pop Phenomena and learn how rum influenced that lifestyle;
Delve into classic Tiki mixology by deconstructing and tasting the Mai Tai and Zombie;
Have the opportunity to craft their own modern Tiki cocktail!

Your instructors:

Co-managers at Forbidden Island in Alameda, Susan Eggett and Suzanne Long work hard to provide professional enrichment opportunities for their staff to develop their own mixology styles. Susan and Suzanne also create educational seminars and opportunities for their customers to learn more about Tiki culture and rum. They are very excited to partner with the Beverage Academy at Bourbon and Branch to bring classic Tiki mixology traditions to more 21st century imbibers.

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